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Pondering and welcoming the changes that are occurring in education. Today is Monday, May 29, 2017

Displaying Science Fair Projects


This year, my school would the students to celebrate science week by having the students complete a science fair project. It will be their first time doing this kind of project to display in the hall for parents and the community.

The science committee has talked about showing our staff how to go about displaying a science fair project. Thus far, googling science fair projects has come up with informative websites on the process and display ideas. The displays I have seen are all on cardboard and paper.

Tim Holt, has shared an alternative way to display science fair projects using current technology available, in this video. I will show this video to the science committee when it's time to discuss our Fair.



Flowgram of Web 2.0


This is a very good overview of the read Write Web and gives examples of applications.


Book Technology



I was amused by this video about the book as a new technology and the face-to-face help desk.


Transformed by Technology: High Tech High Overview


The charter school High Tech High in San Diego has students enrolled from a cross-section of backgrounds from public schools. They work on authentic projects which give something back to their communiites locally and globally.

Teachers assess for understanding over the course of the semester and do not use assessment as the end product. The end product, for example, is the meeting of a person's or community's need.


Is Education Sleeping?


June 21 2008

Mr. Winkle Wakes is one of my favourite videos which depicts the impacts new technological innovations are making in the world - and perhaps where they have not yet made an impact.

I showed it to staff to start a discussion about the coming shift in education web2.0 is bound to cause - in fact has already caused for many educators globally.

Mathew Needleham created this video, click here to visit his post.


Learning in the 21st Century by Jennifer Dorman


Jennifer Dorman is a staff development facilitator in the US.




added September 22 2008

This slideshow, by David Truss has made me think about how I teach the students in my class. At work we talk a lot about scaffolding in order to teach outcomes so we are on the right track.

This presentation also helps me to think about how to use technology in the classroom. Not just as a checklist to show that I have introduced this web2.0 tool or that web2.0 tool but to choose effectively, depending on student outcomes, so the learning is authentic.




added September 17 2008

This post shows Rizwan Khan interviewing Sir Ken Robinson about his TED talk. This video is Part 2 of the talk. It goes for about 10 minutes.



September 17 2008


On an earlier post, I linked to Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity".

This post shows Rizwan Khan interviewing Sir Ken Robinson about his TED talk. This video is Part 1 of the talk and well worth watching. It goes for about 10 minutes.



Educational Quotes

by user EFL classroom on vimeo.

Who I Am

I am a Year 4 teacher going through a huge learning curve with the changes technology has brought to the world. My aim is to learn about the new tools and how to use them so that my students benefit.


It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC - 479 BC)


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